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Wed, 24 Aug 2022


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A Singapore premiere by The Sing Song Club, Singapore
Jennifer Lien, soprano
Adrian Poon, tenor
Shane Thio, piano

"Harawi: Song of Love and Death" (1945) is Olivier Messiaen's final song cycle brought to life by soprano Jennifer Lien, tenor Adrian Poon and pianist Shane Thio.

Combining symbolist poetry with the Quetcha language, belonging to the indigenous peoples of Peru’s Andes mountains, Messiaen weaves together his lifelong fascination with both Wagner’s love-death in Tristan und Isolde and music from non-western cultures. In this Andean love-song, two relentless lovers eagerly rush to their deaths in the hope they can be together in the next life.

Olivier Messiaen (1908 - 1992)
Harawi: Songs of Love and Death



• La ville qui dormait, toi (The City That Slept, You)

• Bonjour toi, colombe verte (Hello There, You Green Dove)

• Montagnes (Mountains)

• Doundou tchil

• L'amout de Piroutcha (Piroutcha's Love)

• Répétition planétaire (Planetary Repetition)

• Adieu (Farewell)

• Syllabes (Syllables)

• L'escalier redit, gestes de soleil (The stair repeats, gestures of the sun)

• Amour oiseau d’étoile (Love bird of a star)

• Katchikatchi les étoiles (Katchikatchi the stars)

• Dans le noir (In the dark)